Effects of Social Networking

Topics: Social network service, Facebook, Sociology Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: May 2, 2011
Effects of social networking
Social networking has become a well-known to all and all in recent years. People are able to meet and make friends, even if they do not know each other. Moreover, they are able to get updates from their loved ones by using social networking sites. Some people are also discussing different important topics on them. They exchange their ideas as well. However, there are several negative effects of social networking sites on our day to day life. People are becoming socially backward by using social networking sites. They do not like to go out to interact with other people. Logging into a community, they intermingled with other people online. They have also replaced the actual procedure of social interaction. Before the invention of these sites, people were keen to go out and meet with other people, but now they sit in front of computers to relate with others. Furthermore, people who are shy in public take advantage of using communal sites. Thinking beyond the social network should be hard for them. These sites are not helping them to overcome their shyness. If they tried to interact with people, they might make it. But because of these sites, they do not even try to do it. Thus social networking sites make people unsocial and socially reluctant. Another effect of community networking is online predators. If someone uploads photos and videos for showing their friends and families, they could be caught by online hunters. Raiders collect photos and videos that are not theirs and misuse them; for example, by creating rumors. These can be displayed for even teenagers and children to see, causing harm. Children and teenagers are becoming addicted watching adult photos and videos. Those predators also follow what you are doing online. Another problem is social networking sites use internet slang. Thus social networking sites are making people morally unhealthy. Finally, the most important effect is people are losing their valuable time,...
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