Effects of Social Networking

Topics: Sociology, Facebook, MySpace Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: September 10, 2012
Effects of social networking

Modern society is always changing and on the go with every passing decade. Among time consuming activities like college, long hours of work, and other actives that take most of our day, people find themselves without spare time to socialize and spend with friends, but a substituted has been created, to compensate for the vital role that social life plays on a busy person; However, social networking sites like Facebook, and My Space, which may seem harmless and innocent enough to, make anyone think there are save to use, but they can negatively affect social skills, health and privacy. Networking sites were generally design for communication between friends, family or to meet new people, but recently networking site have negatively alter the way young people in interact with others. For instance, people that grew up before networking sites learn to communicate ideas and thought clearly to others without any difficulty. In contrast, a large number of the younger generation is not as socially active as past generations except at school and work. This is because teens and young adults are more interested in what new picture their friends post on their profiles, or what did she wrote on his profile or if he still has a relationship with her on Face book. Things like this have created a breach in the ability of young people to interact with others. Furthermore, we all heard that in order to stay healthy one must be active every day, but with social networking increasing in popularity, people find lifting weights, jogging or even going for a walk with friends less interesting. Social networking can have serious impact health. For example, the less physically active a person is the more likely that he or she will gain weight. Little physical activity can also weaken and decrease muscle. Another, health issue associate with social networking is poor eyesight. Computer monitors have been proven to cause eye...
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