Effects of Social Media

Topics: Sociology, Communication, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 9 (3007 words) Published: May 12, 2013
The Effects of Social Media

For the past decade, society has been undergoing a technological revolution in communication. The creation of the internet was the foundation for the communication practices of today. Internet use began to facilitate asynchronous messaging, which later evolved towards instantaneous communication, synchronous messaging. This communication revolution occurred rapidly and was vastly accepted by millions of people. At an extremely fast rate individuals began creating personal profiles on social networking websites. A new form of communication is identified as social networking, which includes instant-messaging, text-messaging, e-mail, and any internet facilitated form of social interaction. Associating the interaction of these social mediums as a form of interpersonal relationships may have further implications on an individual’s identified norms and values regarding social communication. The person connected via social media is perceived as participating in a social interaction, but communicating by social mediums should not be considered similar to real-life interaction. Although some of the mediums, now, allow for camera and internet facilitated face-to-face communication, the interaction itself is mediated through a device. There must be a clear understanding of the what is considered real-life interaction, and social medium communication. The notion computational technologies have created an alternative way of thinking is introduced by Sherry Turkle. Further, individuals have begun to alter their way of identifying their ‘self’. The multiple interfaces offered by social media allows people to create an online profile, which allows individuals to illustrate their life experiences, personal appearance, etc. The ability to construct an individuals image may cause complexities regarding ‘self’ identification. Another aspect of change may be associated with computational technologies and the effects they have on they way people process information. On the other hand, there have been positive and negative associations with social mediums effects on the development and understanding of social interactions: social media offers communicative methods in which allow for individuals to become more connected to society through the internet. This study will examine whether or not regular use of social media to communicate with others may have further implications on individual’s sense of self and sense of values he or she identifies with social interactions. This work will relate the aspects of self-identification and the effected values associated with consistent use of social mediums. There is a self-perpetuating cycle regarding the use of social media.

“It is worth noting that the ungratified social and habitual needs of SM use can accumulate through their own endogenous effects over time, and motivate future SM use. In other words, these needs drive SM use, but are not gratified by SM use, and grow larger to stimulate heavier SM use in the future. In this sense, SM use gradually cultivates greater social and habitual needs to use SM. This may help explain the increasing popularity of SM.”1 The use of social media allows people to connect with seemingly any other individual. The ability to connect with people creates satisfaction in the user’s emotional, and social needs. If these needs are meet throughout the individual’s experience than he or she will likely develop a preference for online use, which may cause further submergence into the social mediums. Face-to-face interaction, or real-life, may have caused an individual that identifies him or herself as socially inept to refer to social mediums as an attempt to find a way to connect with society. If the individual experiences positive feedback during their use of these social mediums they are more likely to associate themselves online rather than face-to-face. The unbiased acceptance in the social medium facilitates a person’s need for social...
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