Effects of Social Media

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Jassim R. Navarro
T-TH (1-2:30)

The Effects of Social Media on College Students

I. Background of the study.
The researcher would like to be more aware of the changes in people’s lives due to the improvements in technology. This particular topic has interested the researcher since he is still inexperienced to the fast-growing communication methods and ready availability of information. II. Significance of the study.

As social media sites continue to grow in popularity, it is our premise that technology is a vital part in today’s student success equation, or failure. According to many resources, social media can both be ally and enemy, especially to college students, since the present college generation is the so called ‘digital natives.’ College students can be called this, since information is just a click away. This field of study is important because sociability is an underlying theme in using forms of social media. Since this social media phenomenon is continuing to grow at a fast pace, it is important to understand the effects it has on personal communication. Social media networks offer a straightforward way to converse with peers and get peer feedback, as well, which may influence a young adult’s self-esteem. It is also informative to know the negative effects of social media, which balance out the positives. Cutting edge technology is essential to the educational experience. However, there is a misuse or abuse of technology in the news. Social media can be harmful through comments about other people, stalking, harassment, and Twitter comments about other peers and faculty. This behavior is being named “electronic incivility” or “cyber bullying.” Students need to learn that their “fun” might come back to haunt them in an internship or job search.

III. Statement of the problem.

Social networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, play huge roles in college students’ sustainment of relationships and reputations, and the...
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