Effects of Skin Cancer

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  • Published : December 5, 2010
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CENTRAL IDEA:Today I will attempt to persuade you to protect yourself
from getting Skin Cancer.

ORGANIZATION:Monroe’s Motivated Sequence



ATTENTION:Years ago I had a boyfriend that suffered with skin cancer. His skin broke out so bad that he couldn’t stand to be touched, and there was nothing I could do to ease his pain.

THESIS:Today I will attempt to persuade you to protect yourself from getting Skin Cancer.

LINK:Many people in the world today suffer with Skin Cancer (otherwise known as, Melanoma). It mostly found in Caucasians and is usually found on fair-skinned people. It may appear as nodules, or as red spots, scaly patches on the skin. This topic is very crucial, for all of you today, because you or someone you care about may be suffering from skin cancer.

CREDIBILITY:Ever since my ex-boyfriend suffered from skin cancer, this topic has caused me great concern. Therefore, I have researched this cancer extensively.

PREVIEW: I. I will discuss the problem with not protecting yourself from skin cancer.
II. I will also discuss a plan to protect yourself from skin cancer.
III. I will discuss the benefits of my plan.


I. THE PROBLEM OF NOT PROTECTING YOURSELF FROM SKIN CANCER (According to http://www.skincancer.org)
A. Skin Cancer is a disorder that can creep up on you slowly. 1. Showing itself as a malformed and multicolored growth. B. It will tend to burn or freckle your skin causing pain in people with fair skin. C. Going out into the sun, when temperature is high, will cause your skin to burn from...
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