Effects of Self Esteem

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  • Published : June 30, 2008
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People with high self-esteem are the ones who respect and value themselves. They feel confident about their appearances and abilities. From that, they form a good self-image about them. While the people with low self-esteem, they are not confident in themselves. They assume that they are stupid and useless. As a very shy person, I have low confidence about mysel. Whenever I think about self-esteem, I have some questions appearing in my mind such as: How important is self-esteem? , Who else are facing problem with self-esteem other than me? , and what are the negative effects of self-esteem? All of my life, I can’t be so brave to say and do what I want. I have heard people say that self-esteem is very important to my interpersonal communication and I must have high confidence or self-esteem, if I want to be successful. That is why I chose self-esteem as my research topic in order to answer those questions above and to extend my knowledge about self-esteem to become a confident person. Having high self-esteem can help us to become successful in life. However, for those who are struggling or having trouble with self-esteem, they are not so happy. And low self-esteem creates a lot of negative effects for adults, teenagers, and even professors. Who are struggling with low self-esteem? Dyslexic children, adults, and even teachers, who have disability in writing and reading, are facing with low self-esteem problem. For example, “Dyslexic students face extreme frustration when they fall behind school. They feel stupid and alone. They dread being judged or found out. For the adult with dyslexia, dyslexia can make them difficult to finish schoolwork, fill out a job application in the future, use the public transportation, pay bills, follow instructions on medicine bottles and perform others daily tasks that many take for granted”, according to Jennifer Radcliffe. So, they feel themselves as useless people. Not only students and adults face this problem of low...
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