Effects of Sedentary Lifestyle

Topics: Obesity, Overweight, Nutrition Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: October 12, 2012
Effects of Sedentary Lifestyle
Sedentary lifestyle is a medical term to indicate a lifestyle with irregular exercise. People who are having sedentary lifestyle are prone to depression, being low self-esteem and suffer from health problems.

As an effect from sedentary lifestyle, people are prone to depression. They will easily get into the feelings of loneliness, sad and despair since they are lack of interaction with the public. They usually spend their days on sitting, reading, watching television and facing computer. This will also make them being pale, not vibrant and even negative thinking. In addition, active people are less likely to suffer from depression.

On the other hand, sedentary lifestyle can lead to low self-esteem. People with sedentary lifestyle tend to be lack of self-confidence. Overweight or obesity due to irregular exercise will make them consider themselves are under the extra-special scrutiny of others. Therefore, they are afraid of getting social life. In other words, sedentary lifestyle brings the negative evaluation of oneself.

Besides that, there are many health problems caused by sedentary lifestyle. For example, health diseases, stroke and diabetes. Sedentary lifestyle is definitely developing a poor health for us. Irregular exercise is not only slowing down metabolism system, but also weakening immune system. As a result, sedentary lifestyle affects our health and makes our body unable to function properly.

In conclusion, sedentary lifestyle is not a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise is important and essential for our health. We should not follow sedentary lifestyle, so try to find out motivation to change it.

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