Effects of Reality Tv

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  • Published : March 31, 2009
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Nowadays, the media airs programs that they feel are the best way to capture a person’s attention so that they can make a lot of money. Some of these programs are reality TV shows which have some negative effects. These effects may include: Setting bad examples on people especially children, females can be influenced by some of the characters on reality TV, and people may get hooked on it.

There are so many TV programs related to reality that sets a bad example on people especially children. One effect may be that children tend to pick up acts that they see on television. According to the reading Reality TV Shows Encourage Immoral Behavior, it says that “She argues that the explicit content on reality shows is even more deleterious that that on scripted series because children know it is real”. If you notice, when you see a child watching cartoons or whatever they usually watch, they begin to pick up the lines that the characters are saying and what they are doing. That is how a child a child learns how to develop their learning in grammar and speech. They also tend to learn things from parents, people around them, and what goes on outside. So from all of these details, a person can tell that a child can pick up things from reality TV. Another effect is that children begin to show bad behaviors like fighting, using profanity etc. For example, on a reality TV show that airs on MTV called The Real World, most of the roommates fight a lot and use profanity over the most stupid and unnecessary things due to either misunderstanding or high intake of alcohol. For instance, from last year’s Real World Colorado, Jenn was fighting with Ty because she was very drunk. Finally, children may begin watching reality TV more and get carried away. They can get carried away from their school work because they lose focus or when they are supposed to be doing their homework, they are busy watching TV.

A second effect may be that females, especially young teens and...
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