Effects of Quality Management on Domestic and Global Competition

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  • Published : September 16, 2012
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Effects of Quality Management on Domestic and Global Competition Jesus Cruz
April 13, 2011

Effects of Quality Management on Domestic and Global Competition
Any successful organization needs an effective quality management system. According to eHow Money (2011), quality management is “organizational structure, procedures, processes and resources needed to measure the effectiveness of producing goods and services to clients and customers” (para. 1). The comparison between two airline firms, Southwest Airlines and Asiana Airlines, will show two organizations’ styles of quality management. The following will describe the similarities in the processes both firms use to ensure quality management from beginning to end. The processes both firms use will explain how each firm produces a competitive service in their respective markets. Finally, an explanation will show the effects of quality management of the firms’ position on each organization’s respective market. Brief History

Southwest Airlines is a domestic airline organization, which began in 1971. The firm began in Texas with three airplanes and currently owns 548 airplanes. The organization is known for using one type of aircraft known as the Boeing 737, which currently operates in approximately 72 cities in the United States. The airline exceeded the billion dollar revenue mark in 1989 because of the organization’s success in high frequency, low fare, and coast-to-coast carrier (Southwest.com, 2011).

Asiana Airlines is competing in the global market, which began as Seoul Air International in Korea in 1988. The firm flew domestic flights the first year of operation and began the expansion of international flights by 1990. In 1991 the company changed its name to Asiana Airlines. The firm currently provides services to the United States, Japan, Thailand, and 19 other countries around the world (Asiana Airlines, 2011).

Southwest and Asiana
Both organizations have a similar mission...
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