Effects of Postmodernism in Relation to Communication and Society

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  • Published : October 8, 1999
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The movement occurred after 1945 is postmodernism which had shown it's powerful effects in every aspect of life. It's a movement that can't be defined with a simple sentence because postmodernism has lots of components and directions. A postmodernist reflects history's theological interpretations. When we talk about post-modernism we also take the concept modernism in our concept. Postmodernism is defined related to modernism as" the legalization of illegal parts of modernism". Modernity and postmodernity appear and reappear in philosophical, literary and other texts in what is at first sight a bewildering array of guises.

Postmodernism combines simultaneous fragmentation and blurring of boundaries in a universe where no absolute truth governs the definition of reality and morality. This is in contrast to modernism, which emphasizes the coming together of the multifaceted, sometimes conflicting aspects of life into a unified whole that can be realized. Postmodernism accepts the conflicts as the standard mode of existence. Unlike the consensus sought by modernism, postmodernism accepts discensus, and even proclaims that one unified way of seeing things is impossible.

Postmodernism undermines the modernist notion of what Jean-Francois Lyotard describes as meta-narratives, or over-arching, absolute stories that explain the nature of the world. One of the difficulties with meta-narratives is that they only present the world from one perspective, even when it may make sense from several different angles. Trying to force everything to be seen only through the eyes of one point of view is referred to as colonization. The term can be used abstractly or figuratively to describe imposing a certain view or interpretation of something, but it is derived from examining the political and social domination that has been exercised over smaller nations and minorities by Imperialism and ethnocentrism. Postmodernism tends to encourage placing value on the...
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