Effects of Population Growth in Economy

Topics: Demography, Water resources, Economics Pages: 2 (288 words) Published: September 4, 2012
Š - Supply of some natural resources (nonrenewable) and capital is fixed Š - Supply would grow more slowly than the population

+ population = - development

Malthusian Theory:

* Population tends to increase at a geometric rate
* Food can only increase arithmetically
* Population expands to eat up any surplus
* Social expenditure on school and health due to young age structure diverted funds from capital investment.

Aspects to consider about population and economy:

Š Population and deforestation, and agriculture development

-Expansive agriculture involved conversion of large areas of forest,wetlands, river valley bottoms, and grassland savanna to crop land. -Agriculture expansion + rapid population growth = accelerated degradation of natural resources = agricultural stagnation. -90% of households in Sub-Saharan Africa use wood-fuel as the staple source of energy. -Slow economic growth will impede the switch to non-wood fuels. -Hence the demand for wood-fuel would increase with population growthŠ -Has important negative effects on rural women, health, nutritional patterns and soil conservation -Loss of animal and plant species due to shrinking forests

Population growth and education

-More education infrastructure needed and more investments required.

Š Population, food and nutrition

World grain area per person reduced by 50% since 1950 due to rising population Stagnant global per capita grain output for more than a decade- diminishing world grain carryover stocks (SWP) Š
Population and water resources

Water is not an infinite renewable resource. In both MDC and LDC, water supply exceeds sustainable supply The increase in global demand for water for irrigation, household, and industrial use is predicted to be faster than the population growth.

Increase in population affect both quality and quantity of water Š
Population and urbanization

Population growth and urbanization: Contributed to...
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