Effects of Pollution on Historical Monuments

Topics: Acid rain, Global warming, Air pollution Pages: 3 (817 words) Published: October 8, 2012
For many historians the effect of pollution on historical sites is a daily battle. Acid rain and smog eat into marble causing small holes in the stone. The Acropolis in Greece is one of main sites that is having this problem. All over the world buildings and historical sites are having problems with pollution and the growth of cities near the site. The Spinx is crumbling and through the centuries various repairs have been done to it, but that has only aided the damage from smog and traffic. The Roman Colosseum sits in the middle of a traffic circle in Rome. Repairs have been ongoing on the Colosseum and several sections have been rebuilt. In the United States civil war battle sites fight the growth of cities and malls. In some sites a malls form a boundary to the battle site. Natural forces also take their toll on historical sites. Mt. Rushmore is worked on because the granite cracks due to the snow, heat, rain, and pollution. Our national parks are dying because the trees are dying from drought, pollution, and insects. Once all of these things are gone they can not be replaced and hundreds if not thousands are in trouble because of pollution.

What are the effects of air pollution on historical monuments? The main effect is the stone decay, which cam be divided into specific types of degradations:

- black crust ( the black layer on the surface of the stone) that can cause chemical reactions that lead to the stone defragmantaion - salt efflorescences that can also induce a certain strength inside the stone, causing the stone to defragment.......... an so on... You can find a lot more informations in some related papers on the World Wide Web.

Following are the effects of air pollution on people
1. bad health condition.
2. destruction of the environment.
Air pollution effect aquatics in following ways:
Water is 2 parts oxygen, but not every gas that seeps into water is oxygen. Fish and other underwater animals use their gills to get the...
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