“Effects of Playing Online Games on the Attendance and Punctuality of Selected Ue Students”

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Marketing Program

In establishing a business, the marketing program should comprise of certain

important elements that should be highly assessed and appraised. These elements are

more perceived as the 4p’s of marketing. These serve as the building blocks that support

the foundation of a business or establishment making it invulnerable to dilemma or dif-

ficulties that may come.

The reserchers will distribute leaflet before the opening to advertise and prom-

ote product.

Product Strategy

The concept of Casa para Comiendo has a nature theme with a unique twist

as if one has traveled across the whole Philippines. The Casa para Comiendo will be

using products to support and contribute to the country. There would be ‘’rice all you

can’’ on weekdays startung from 12:00p.m-5:00p.m. The menu is like no other. It consis-

ts of all the specialty food products such as Adobo of manila flavor, laing for Bicol flavor,

Inasal na manok from Western Visayas, and other specialty food from different regions

of the Philippines, unlike those other establishments that only serve a specific regional


Channel of Distribution



Casa para Comiendo

Casa para Comiendo

From the suppliers, the raw materials will be delivered to Casa para Comien-
Do. Casa para Comiendo will then store these raw materials and will be taken out when

needed. Casa para Comiendo will use the method of the FIFO (First in First out) when

storing the raw materials since there are perishable goods. Per order customers, good

will be cooked and delivered to them.

Price Strategy

Price is the value of the products, which is one major determinant of dema-

nd in the market for an item.

The researchers used low pricing strategy because they believe that they are

Just new in business. But even though the price is low, prices will not fall below the

Achievable coat.

The coating and mark-up are important in any business because it will

determine the profit of the business enterprises. It is crucial to determine how much the

mark-up would be because the consumers might not agree with the price of the product.

Cost-plus or the mark-up pricing is the most common pricing scheme for

Products since it offers an aura of financial prudence to practioners. Financial prudence,

According to the plus theory, is achieved by pricing every product or service to yield a

fair return to overall costs that are fully and fairly allocated. Cost-plus pricing seems to

be fairer to both consumer and practiones than other pricing strategies and appears to

be a simple guide to profitability.


Adobo Php 141.00 Beef caldereta Php 144.00 Humba Php 177.00 Inasal na manok Php 120.00 Laing Php 120.00 Binakol Php 100.00 Chicken Gatadobo Php 188.00 Bulalo Php 200.00 Rellenong Bangus Php 150.00 Sinigang na Sugpo Php 200.00 Sinigang na mayamaya Php 130.00...
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