Effects of Oxymetazoline on the Human Body

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  • Published : September 10, 2012
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Afrin nasal spray is used to decongest the mucosa membrane caused by sinus irritation, hay fever, allergies or common cold. People who suffer these types of diseases carry Afrin with them all the time. They even have a bottle close to their bed to use it before they go to sleep. Afrin is a decongestant made of Oxymetazoline. The oxymetazoline is a drug that belongs to the group of sympathomimetic medications. These are drugs that stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. In this system, catecholamines are found. The most important of the catecholamine family is the adrenaline because it activates the cardiac and respiratory motion of the body. When the body secretes adrenaline, it produces a state of euphoria. Later on, the person will feel a relaxed sensation. That is how Oxymetazoline works in our body. When Afrin is applied to the nasal mucosa, it stimulates the alpha-adrenergic receptors, causing constriction of blood vessels supplying the mucosa. In other words, once Afrin is applied into the nose, the oxymetazoline will penetrate and supply the inflamed mucosal membranes, restoring and unclogging the sinus passage. As a result, the blood flow will decrease, reducing the congestion and letting you breathe. However, prolonged use can lead to rebound effect, causing more congestion. When these types of medications are applied, they decrease the intensity of the congestion for seven hours. Since oxymetazoline stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, the cycle comes back later. The more you use Afrin, the more rebound effects you get. In order to control them, most people need to buy additional nasal sprays. According to a market research in Mexico, Afrin dominates the decongestant products market with eighty percent of the sales. It is worth mentioning that Afrin is an over-the-counter (OTC) product which means that you can buy it off any store without prescription. Therefore, both adults and teenagers can get as many bottles as they want; some...
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