Effects of Overpopulation

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  • Published : June 7, 2011
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Effects of overpopulation
Each minute, the earth’s population is increased by 160 people. Do you know what this means? It means that, we are living under the shadow of overpopulation. Different people may have different idea about the limit of global population. But when that point come to us, what will happened? Here, I will talk about some main causes and effects of the problem of overpopulation.

First of all, one of the problem is we are living longer, and trying to find ways to live longer. We control the growth of pretty much every other species on the planet and yet allow human population to grow at an alarming rate. We are curing diseases and seeing one sterile people give birth to quadruplets. When will it end, and how? Secondly, another cause of overpopulation is the rapid development of economic. Most countries of the third world recognize the problem and are trying to control population growth. In the developed nations, however, growth is a seldom talked about problem. After all, if you can afford to have kids, shouldn’t you be able to have as many as you want? Last but not least, the gender discrimination is a very important factor in poor countries. They still hold the ideal that the male is the main labor of a family.

Above all, we have talk about so many causes of overpopulation, what’s the effect of this issue? A major result of overpopulation is the lack of supplies. Because more people are born, so we need more houses, more food, more water, more schools, more hospitals, and more jobs. That also means there will be less and less animals, plants, water, and minerals in the future. It will make many species extinct from the earth and it will also yield to severe pollution and depletion to the earth. Therefore, overpopulation will make big problems to us and a threat to our descendants to continue to live on the earth. Another effect of overpopulation is the jam-packed living condition. For example, Shanghai is known as one of the biggest...
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