Effects of Outsourcing American Jobs to Foreign Countries

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  • Published : March 10, 2007
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Job outsourcing to foreign countries 2
Effects of Outsourcing American Jobs to Foreign Countries
The nation's economy will be adversely affected in areas such as unemployment, Social Security, and even retirement benefits, by the outsourcing of American jobs to foreign countries. This country needs to take a look at some of the ways that outsourcing to foreign countries has affected those who have already lost their jobs due to outsourcing. An article by the Washington DC Office of Public Policy says that, "Some experts argue that offshoring [outsourcing] provides access to good middle class jobs that would not be available in developing countries" (2004). The article also states that, "India and China are the leading destinations for outsourced jobs and they are now home to the biggest overseas operations of some U.S. companies" (2004). If this is true, I thought China and India were already developed countries. That means we are aiming for the wrong countries where the poverty level is not the greatest, or the country is developed already?

What will be next? Outsourcing our president? That may sound a little extreme, but to those that have already been effected by the outsourcing of their job to a foreign country, that may be what they are feeling. So far, it has been mostly technical jobs that have been outsourced, but industrial jobs are following closely behind.

Letting the jobs that should be here, in America, be done in foreign countries, takes the jobs away from someone else. When people are out of work they cannot pay their bills. They get into debt trying to make ends meat, so to speak. They start charging everything on credit cards or getting home equity loans. They lose their house because of debt. When people owe so much money, how can they pay it all back?

Job outsourcing to foreign countries 3 A person who looses his or her...
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