Effects of Online Shopping

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Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the internet using a web browser. Also known as online retailing, online shopping involves paying through online banking or cash on delivery (COD). This kind of activity are now becoming a trend among teenagers and adults. Popular websites involving online shopping includes e-Bay, Lelong and Mudah. Online shopping creates multiple effects to the society that are easy to use, but also brings about negative effect such as fraud and addictive behaviour.

It is easy to shop when you can just sit at home and look at the computer. Online shopping creates this kind of environment when you can easily buy products or services just by sitting in front of a computer. Some products are not available in your country, but with the existence of these services we can reach even the farthest country possible to buy the products that we are looking for depends on availability provided by sellers online. E-Bay provides various kinds of products sold all over the world from as little as a hair clip to as big as a house. This is why people tends to buy things online because it is easier and more efficient than looking for products all over the place.

Consumers often being fooled by online retailer. Fraud activity tend to happen if we are not careful in purchasing products or services online. For example, customers sometimes does not realise about the condition of a products until it arrives at their home. Another is the product they paid for never arrives at their home. That is why some websites like Lelong and Mudah make it compulsory for every seller to includes their identity card number when signing up for their account. These websites also gave advice to every customer to be careful with fraud and recommend them to use meet and pay method which they can look at the product first before buying them. Consumers need to be...
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