Effects of Online Gaming to the Academic Performance of High School Students

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  • Published : February 23, 2012
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St. Mary’s Academy of Carmen
Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City
PAASCU Accredited

“Computer Gaming Effects to the Academic Performance among High school students”

A Research paper presented
Ms. Malou B. Cagalitan

In partial fulfillment of the requirements
in English 10

Valerie G. Maurin
February 27, 2012

I. Introduction
A. Significance of the Study
B. Objectives of the Study
1. Objective 1
2. Objective 2
3. Objective 3
C. Scope and Limitation
D. Methodology
II. Discussion
A. Result of Objective 1
B. Result of Objective 2
C. Result of Objective 3
III. Summary and Conclusion
A. Result of Objective 1
B. Result of Objective 2
C. Result of Objective 3
IV. Bibliography
V. Definition of Terms

I. Introduction
The internet and online gaming industry has grown considerably over the past decade. As the advent of internet occurs, online gaming is undisputedly popular to the students and that online gaming has become high school students’ favorite leisure choice. Most of the High school students in these times are seen on internet sites and spending their money for them to be ready on their battle online. Because of this widespread, parents and educators are concerned about the doable effects on the academic performance among high school students. The most common question discusses about how it affects the academic performance of the gamer. Not surprisingly, gaming culture has become a polarizing force in our society, as well.

A. Significance of the study
We know that playing online gaming is part of the high school students past time to hang out with their friends. This research paper is made for the reason that online gaming of high school students are rampant now a days, and that we may know the upshot of their online gaming to their academic standings. As they continue on playing, we may know how it affects their performance in school.

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