Effects of Online Games to Students

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Bibliography of Network Games Research
This list contains a number of network gaming related papers we came across. If you know of any relevant papers that are not listed below, please contact Sheng-Wei (Kuan-Ta) Chen (swc@iis.sinica.edu.tw), preferably bibtex-entries, since the list is generated automatically). The list was initiated by Joreg Widmer (joerg.widmer@epfl.ch), who maintained it until 2003. Sheng-Wei (Kuan-Ta) Chen started to maintain this list since May 2005. Especial thanks: Alberto Dainotti (University of Napoli (UoN) "Federico II") and John Miller (Microsoft Research). Last Update: July 29, 2011

[General]  [Traffic Analysis & Modelling]  [Security Issues / Anti-Cheating (Bot Detection)]  [Computer-Human Interaction]  [User Behavior Analysis]  [Quality of Service]  [Network Protocols]  [System Design / Architecture (Client-Server / Cloud, Peer to Peer / Overlay Networks)]  [Game Design Experience]  [Psychology]  [Statistics]  General

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Traffic Analysis & Modelling
[Lee et al., 2011]
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Ruck Thawonmas, Keisuke Yoshida, Jing-Kai Lou,...
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