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fter several attempts to host the Olympic games in the UK, in the year 2005 the UK was finally elected to host the 2012 summer Olympics on August 2012 for 17 days. The news was announced in Singapore defeating Paris, Moscow, New York City, and Madrid. Narrowly defeating Paris by four bids, London was chosen to host the 2012 Summer Olympics. With this announcement crowds in London threw a huge celebration as France was favourite to win. But less than 24 hours later London’s transport system was attacked but this did not deter the hope of the Londoners that they will host a successful Summer Olympics. What is an Olympics????

The Summer Olympics are an international multi-sports event that in hope would bring and promote international and unity understanding among other countries through sports competition. The summer Olympics are held every four years in different cities. The first summer Olympics was held in Athens, Greece in 1896. Medals would be awarded, with gold medals awarded for first place, silver medals for second place, and lastly bronze medals for third place. The summer Olympic started off with only 42-events and with fewer than 300 athletes participating. Today is has increased to 300 events and have more than 10,000 athletes participating. Great Britain is the only country to have won at least a single gold medal in every summer Olympic.

How will the coming Summer Olympics affect London???
After being elected to host the 2012 Olympics, London Council took the opportunity to build the Olympic village in east London, which is a poorer side of London. This is an opportunity to develop and help improve the standard of living. By hosting the Olympics, it brings a lot of benefits to the country and also increases the prestige. Moreover this will help promote the younger generation to participate in sports not only in the UK but around the world as well. The UK will also experience an economy boost. Other than that, the Olympics also brings further benefits such as new sports venues and improvement in infrastructure. With the new sports facilities being put in place, new job opportunities will be created. It also helps encourage young people to do sports and help solve the country’s high percentage of obese people. In addition, with the summer Olympics held in London, it provides a positive tourism impact and also help boost the economy. * The Benefits

New and improved Infrastructures and Venues
The 2012 summer Olympic will use a mixture of new and existing venues with the majority being new venues. To prevent the difficulties that happened to the millennium dome, the government will leave no white elephant after the games. Some of the venues will be reused after the games and some will be deconstructed. A new 80,000 seat Olympic stadium will be build. The stadium cost a staggering of £537 million.(BBC News 23/05/2010) It will host both the opening and closing ceremony respectively. The facilities will be mainly used for athletics competition.(Official Olympic Website) After the Olympics, West Ham United FC will move in to take over the stadium. The capacity would then be reduced to 60,000 seats. The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) announced in July 2008 that it would build a New 17,500 seat Aquatics Centre.(Official Olympic Website, news July 2008) The new centre will cost around £303 million from the budget. This new aquatics centre will facilitate two 50m swimming pool and a 25m diving pool. A temporary water polo arena will be build for the water polo event. In addition the facilities will also be use for sports like diving, swimming, and synchronised swimming. After the Olympics the capacity will be reduced and the centre will be transformed into a public facility replacing the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.(Official Olympic Website) In order not to leave any facilities unused after the Olympics, the ODA announce it would build the largest temporary arena which is the...
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