Effects of Noise in Education

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Education is an important aspect of life today in the 21st century. It became as a necessity of life for a modern man. Over the centuries, school facilities plays an important role for students and significantly affect student achievements. The quality of school facilities can either make a student perform better in their academic studies or impede their educational careers. According to Hatfield (2011), there are harmful effects of poor room acoustics and background noise to the learning of students. Children who are studying in noisy classrooms score significantly low in examinations measuring reading and math abilities. Furthermore, it also have an impact to teachers as well. Noise exposure results to fatigue, irritation, and lost teaching time to the teachers who are working in noisy classrooms. These noise can come from the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems can all contribute to ambient noise of the school building. According to the experiments conducted by ICIEE (2009) that poor working environment can significantly reduce the performance of adults in their office buildings. In line with this we can assume that poorly designed classrooms can affect the performance of schoolwork by children. They have concluded that improving the current conditions of the classroom has a significant effect on the working performance of children doing their school work. According to the report of Rudd ET. Al. (2008), the proof suggest student’s attitude and performance was affected by a better school facility. They felt proud of their school with an increased from 43 to 77 percent, which in turn make them more persevere in learning. Furthermore, students enjoying going to school is increased from 50 to 61 percent. They have concluded that there is a positive effect on students which have better surroundings. They have a better experience in school and they school also becomes conducive to learning. Today, overcrowding in public schools is a typical problem here in the...
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