Effects of Modern Gadgets in the Study Habits of First Year Bachelor of Science in Office Administration Students

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Chapter 1
The Problem and Its Background

In the year where modern gadgets are not yet invented like computers, mp3 players, iPod and cell phones, students are not yet engage in activities using technologies new gadgets. Students rely on books and visit library facilities to study, read their notes and review their school lessons. During those years, despite the lack of computers and hi-tech gadgets students still achieve high and good grades and the students are still focused on their studies. They strive hard just to attain higher and better grades in their education. As years passed, industrial evolution occurred and great changes and improvements happened. One of these changes is the invention of the computer. They are lucky because they can use the computer to do their home works and projects. Students who can’t afford to buy a computer just go to the library to read book, to do research work, and to make their school project. During the years when computers were first invented, people make use of computers to help them accomplish their works and to make their tasks lighter and fester. Modern gadgets has always been considered as a gauge for an awareness of how a developed a society is. And it played a very important role in the lives of people especially with the students. Nowadays, students are one of the major users of the inventions created by great minds with the help of modern technology. Most of the students depended all their works may it be related to school or not to this gadgets and as a result they forgot to do things in their own way and using their own thinking and they even let themselves be manipulated by all the comfort of the modern gadgets brings them. Now in the present time, the age of modern technology, where almost everything is hi-tech, computer technologies has greatly improve and become better. These days, the modern gadgets is rapidly growing and changing. Along with that growth and change of computer are the people who almost instantly adapt to changes. The reason why gadgets are invented is to help make people’s life easier and to improve their way of life, especially the students. It makes studying easier and fun to the students. It helps the students in their studies for students can start.

We decided to conduct the study to determine the effects of modern gadgets in the study habits of First Year Bachelor of Science in Office Administration students such as its advantages and disadvantages of this issue might create to the social lifestyle of the students nowadays. We also want to identify factors that lead to the students’ uncontrollable addiction to modern gadgets and its wonders. This study is necessarily to conduct because modern gadgets directly affect the study habits of the students. Striving to help improve this study can significantly enhance the students’ knowledge. Theoretical Framework

The theoretical framework of this study is based on well-known educators, their works provided the rationale and background for a better understanding of the study.

Conceptual Framework
The conceptual framework of this study includes the research areas as input of the study, the process is the methodology and the output is the significance of the study.
* Maintain good study habits of the students
* Quality of learning of the students
* Develop better skills in learning process


* Methods of Gathering Data

- Questionnaires
1. Effects of modern gadgets to the students
* Time Management
* Academic Performance
2. Study habits of the students
3. Suggestions of the respondents


Statement of the Problem
This study aimed to determine the effects of modern gadgets in the study habits of First Year Bachelor of Science in Office Administration students of the selected students of the College of Business during the school year 2012-2013. Specifically, it sought to answer the following:

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