Effects of Media Violence

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  • Published : September 23, 2008
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Effects of Media Violence
The effect of media violence is a heated debate among researchers and the public. According to David Gauntlett, despite many decades of research and hundreds of studies, the connection between people’s consumption of the mass media and their subsequent behavior, has remained increasingly mysterious (Gauntlett). He also states that the media effects on research, has quite consistently taken the wrong approach to the mass media, its audiences, and society in general (Gauntlett). I agree with this statement; the environmental and cultural influences have been neglected in the majority of the research done on this topic. Media violence cannot be blamed for people being violent. Environmental and cultural influences weigh heavy on the reasons that people are violent today. In all the research that I have read through, I have found that the researchers involved have many disagreements. I went to the Media Awareness Network website and found an article where Andrea Martinez did a review of all the scientific writing for a Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. She concluded that the lack of consensus about media effects reflects three areas or constraints contained in the research itself (Media Awareness Network). The three areas are: media violence is hard to define, researchers disagree over the relationship, and those that agree argue the way that one affects the other. It seems that the effect of media violence is hard to research. It’s hard to prove the kind of connection it has with aggressive behavior. In my opinion, it is hard to prove the relationship because there are too many external factors that need to be taken into consideration. Environmental and cultural influences are important factors that need to be considered. In all the research that I’ve done, it has never been measured. According to Martinez, there is a positive, though weak, relation between exposure to television violence and aggressive...
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