Effects of Media on Young Girls

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In today’s society media has an overwhelming effect on our youth, flooding their minds with images of what society defines as perfection. Many people struggle with their appearance especially younger children who are easily influenced and want to be accepted by others. Many people are blaming this effect on TV, commercials, and books. The power of media is said to be largely at fault for teen violence (Effects of Media Violence, 2003) and an increase in sexualized teens (Loeffler, 2007).

Violence is present everywhere in our society, but is it caused by the media? According to researchers, it is correct to say that media is a very large contribution to violence. There is a connection between violence and aggressive behavior found in younger people because they are reenacting what they see on TV and other forms of media. (Media & Suicide Prevention, 2004). Think about it; when you watch your little cousins or younger siblings, they automatically want to reenact what they see. Sometimes children even reenact what their parents do. Researchers have proved that a violent TV show verses a non-violent TV show, are the outcomes of a violent child. This type of experiment was done and they found that “During play afterwards, the researchers observed that the children who watched the violent cartoons were much more likely to hit other children and break toys” (Effects of Media, 2003, p. 2). This proves that violence is a large contribution to bad or violent behavior. Another common behavior that occurs when people are repeatedly exposed to violent shows is that when they are experiencing real world violence, they are less disturbed and have less sympathy for the victims. (Effects of Media, 2003). Media isn’t only a factor in violence, it’s also a factor in the way girls or boys perceive themselves. Society floods their minds with these “perfect” images of beauty...
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