Effects of Mass Media Hum/186

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Effects of Mass Media


Effects of Mass Media

In the last several decades Mass Media has impacted the American society tremendously. One of the first instruments of media being the radio which was first used in the early 1900’s which was mainly used for national news about the war overseas. Since then mass media has expanded from the radio to smart phones which at the palm of your hand you can access the internet from just about anywhere. Mass media has a great influence on today’s America both good and bad.

The oldest form of mass media would be the news paper which contained any local and worldwide news. After the news papers came the radio which was developed to deliver news about world war 1. Radio in the early 1900s played some music but it wasn’t a wide selection in cultural variety. Later, television and magazines where then created which were also very limited in selection that was put out there for American’s to see and read. As the decades passed by mass media grew and became such a demand for America as well as around the world. Mass media started putting more juicy news about celebrities, and the latest fashion statements, TV started airing 24 hours a day which everything from news to a wide cultural variety of music videos. Two of the best technologies came out in the 1990s which was cell phones and web. Instead of having to use land lines to make a call you could pick up your cell phone and make a call in your car, it’s soo convenient. You could also turn on your computer and connect to web and find any kind of information you need from daily news, information about stocks, who’s dating who in the celebrity scene, anything you want to know is right there at the click of your mouse .

With all of this new technology in mass media people were starting to become distracted by it. Kids go to school with cell phones, with smart phones and sit in class and text each other or surf the web. This is distracting because instead of...
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