Effects of Mass Media Communication.

Topics: Printing, Johannes Gutenberg, Printing press Pages: 2 (792 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Jerimi Thomas

Within the last few centuries, there were several very monumental developments in the evolution and growth processes of mass media worldwide. Among the many, a few of the greatest ones were the evolution of print, spanning anything from print of newspapers to written word, to bulletins and articles. Also the electronic era has graced our presence with its impactful and remarkable opportunities for growth it has created. The digital era has made an even bigger impact on the world as we know it, giving birth to things such as cell phones and computers, although these things were already created, this era has bred ways for newer and overall better developments in the genres of the growth of these things. Between these three things together, bonding together to create a better world for us all as we know it, it has tremendously improved and affected American culture as we know it. Redefying our lives and bringing new easier ways to get things done learn and grow electronically. Economics also played a role in the development of the digital and electronic eras. A very interesting fact, which many might not know is, paper printing originated in China, around 100 C.E. while modern printing as we know it today was actually created in the mid fifteenth centuries. One of the world’s greatest creations was created, the printing press. Which completely redefined the world of printing, written word and mass communication. Just in case you are unaware, a printing press is actually a major conglomerate of machine duplication, rapid duplication, and faster overall production. Now talk about a monopoly, between completely redefining the world as we know it, they overtook the process of printing the worlds words by storm! These designs and ideas complete revolutionized the world by allowing words to be spread faster, not even mentioning the fact that ideas were also getting spread by the dozens, much faster due to better and more efficient ideas and ways to do it....
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