Effects of Mass Media

Topics: Mass media, Media studies, Communication Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Effects of Mass Media
Tiffany Bader
University of Phoenix
Patricia Hoefler
February 25, 2013

Mass media is communication in any form that reaches a large audience sometimes written, spoken, or presented in an emerging media format. The past century has brought challenges both good and bad to many mass media interactions, but the evolution of the amount of media change has been extreme and in a good way as society changes and new challenges emerge. Mass media has evolved in many major outlets including communications from the television, radio communications and signals, the internet, printing, publishing, to the greatest invention of recent time hand help computers and smart phones. Technology and the use of many new devices during the 20th century have opened doors to many new paths within society.

The evolution of the century has brought from radio communication for media to television communications and from box size televisions to hand held devices. The extreme technology evolution has created new communication channels never thought of before, and allowed mass media channels to flow in a live interactive form minute to minute as events occur and allowed stories to be told in real time.

American culture has been largely influenced by mass media over the past century. Today, in American society anyone can find a television in any home and a form of media interaction with multiple devices. The American culture has been influenced by media in numerous ways some of the ways entail social interactions of the daily life and the fast paced influences the American cultured community uses to remain constantly connected to the media, social blogs, and everyday life. The availability in most all American homes has increased in programming of social media and constant connections to the world around. Programming is increasingly diverse aims to please...
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