Effects of Mass Media

Topics: Education, Mass media, Learning Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Name: O’Dane Brissett
Topic: Mass Media
Narrowed Topic: Three effects of Mass Media on Today’s society. Audience: Children, Parents, Students.
Purpose: To inform the audience about the effects of Mass Media on society. Thesis: The mass media has provided greater access to information, improved the quality of education and has enabled more effective communication.

1. Mass media contributes significantly to the enhancement of education. a. Through the use of the internet, education has become more accessible. b. People can become more knowledgeable about various concepts that are related to their studies. c. “We believe that the use of technology as a teaching tool and a teaching aid is very important in enhancing the learning environment and the quality of the delivery of educational services” (Arnaldo Brown,2013). 2. Another effect of mass media is to enable effective communication. a. People can easily communicate verbally and non-verbally through the use of mass media. b. The activities of other Caribbean neighbours can be learnt through the use of the mass media. c. “Their primary source of making money online is top of the site banner ads” (Ingrid Riley, 2007) 3. In addition to the enhancement of education and effective communication, mass media also contribute to the easy access of general information. a. The public is informed about what is happening in the country. b. We can learn about the activities of our Caribbean neighbors. c. “It Is due to technological advances that any type of information is now transported globally” (Christopher Humber, 2012)

Brown C(2013,February 27). Newland Basic school upgrade. Retrieved from http://www.jis.gov.jm/component/content/article/1-top-stories/33109-newlands-basic-school-upgraded Humber C (2012, April 09). CAPE Caribbean Studies – Mass Media. Retrieved from http://www.slideshare.net/.../cape-caribbean-studies-mass-media Riley I (2007, October 1). Jamaican...
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