Effects of Internet

Topics: Internet, World Wide Web, Oncology Pages: 9 (3079 words) Published: March 3, 2011
Nowadays, everyone uses internet, but most of the people do not know its effect. This paper aims to show the effects of internet on its users’ lives. An analytic literature review is followed. Based on twelve sources, the paper describes the effect of internet on three major fields in life. First, in their article “Online communication and adolescent relationships”, Subrahmanyan and Greenfield stressed on the effect of internet on the communication between friends, strangers and family members. Second, Internet has an effect on health, especially psychological effect. Moreover, a study done by the University of California – Loss Angeles (UCLA) found that internet influence brain function. Third, Internet can affect work and education. This paper concludes that internet has both positive and negative effects: On one hand, it increases a person’s popularity and makes him closer to his offline friends. The internet also provides distance learning. Skuterud and Kuhn illustrate the effect of distance programs on students, family and courses. On the other hand, the internet can separate a person from his real life. Furthermore, it can have negative effects on patients especially cancer patients. So, the internet has serious effects on life; we should be aware of them since when knowing its effects, we can avoid the negative ones.

I- Effect of internet on social life:
A- On Relation between friends and Family
B- On relations with romantic partners.
C- On relations with strangers.

II- Effect of internet on health
A- Body and brain effect
B- Psychological effect

III- Effect of internet on education and work
A- On education
B- On work

The internet is considered one of the most advanced technologies in the world. It contains many sites, applications, and programs that make life easier. Using the internet, you can communicate with others, read the news, search for information, and buys stuffs and many other things. The Internet is a combination of different technology as telephone, television, fax machine, which are specific for one thing only. When asking different persons if they use internet often, each one said that they use it every day; most of them are addicted to it. So, it is essential to know how the internet affects us. According to my research, the internet has three main effects on our life: effects on communication, effects on health, and effects on work and education.

The internet can affect relations between friends and family both positively and negatively. It depends on the person and the way he uses internet. A survey done in 2001 by the Pew Internet and American Life project: 48% of teens said that internet communication reinforced existing relationship. However, 61% of the teens disagreed. Moreover, many persons consider that online communication is weak: they are easily broken since they are deprived of face to face communication (Subralmanyan; Greefield, 2008). So, According to the teens, half of them stated that talking online is an important part in friendship: it can help them to stay in contact if they are far apart. I think it is the most useful technology in communication field; it makes the world become a small town where you can talk, write with and see your friend as if he was near you. On the contrary, other teens disagreed by saying that internet destroys friendship because it distract friends from each other. They will not have the ambition to make plans and go out. Moreover, family relations are affected by the internet use since teens spend most of their time online communicating with their peer. So, the relation between an adolescent and the family members especially his parents becomes weak (Subralmanyan; Greefield, 2008). Because the teen is spending his time online, he barely can see his parents. This can lead to...
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