Effects of Having an Ofw Parents

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Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data

This chapter presents, analyzes and interprets the data gathered on the respondents regarding on the effects of having an OFW parents.
Table 1 shows that 35% are mother, 40% are father and 25% of the respondents are both parents are working abroad. This means that more father works abroad than mother and only few of the parents both work abroad. Mostly, the father is the one working for the family to sustain mainly the financial needs of the family but due to the absence of father (single-mom), they have to work hard for their children. Table 1

Parent/s who work abroad
 | f| %|
Mother| 7| 35|
Father| 8| 40|
Both| 5| 25|
Total| 20| 100|

Table 2 shows that the reasons of parents for going abroad are bigger salary (3.05), good career opportunities (3.05), good work/private work balance (2.90), challenging job (2.45), and experience something new (2.75). This means that the primary reason for parents for working abroad are to have a bigger salary to sustain the needs of their children and to have good career opportunities for the security of the family. On the other hand, challenging job is not the reason of the parents for working abroad.

Philippine government offers a low salary even in some professionals like nurses, engineers and teachers that’s why many would prefer to work as a domestic helpers or office clerks and leave their professional jobs in the Philippines because in most cases, they’ll get paid higher overseas. And also discrimination in having job opportunities is implemented. In this case, overage applicants which comprises the age of the parents are given the least opportunity so they decided to work overseas. Another is the school which they have graduated, which is practically not necessary, is also a big factor to the employers in the country. Doing a job is about doing it well competitively. Table 2

Reasons why parent/s choose to work abroad
 | WM| Verbal Interpretation| Rank|
Bigger Salary| 3.05| Agree| 1.5|
Good career opportunities| 3.05| Agree| 1.5|
Good work/private work balance| 2.90| Agree| 3|
Challenging job| 2.45| Disagree| 5|
Experience something new| 2.75| Agree| 4|
Total| | | |

Table 3 illustrates that the benefits of having parent/s working abroad are meeting their needs including wants (2.95), sending them to a good school (2.95), learning to be independent (2.80), having a decent living (3.05), and assuring a better future. This only shows that the most benefit of having parent/s that work abroad is to have a decent living while the least is to learn to be independent. Table 3

What are the benefits of having parent/s who work abroad?
 | WM| Verbal Interpretation| Rank|
They can meet our needs including wants as well.| 2.95| Agree| 3| They can send us to a good school.| 2.95| Agree| 3|
We learned to be independent.| 2.80| Agree| 5|
We can afford a decent living.| 3.05| Agree| 1|
We can assure better future.| 2.95| Agree| 2|
Total| | | |

Different Problems Encountered as a Child of an OFW
Table 4 demonstrates the problems, with respect to their home and family relations, which children of an OFW encounter in the absence of their parent/s. These are the feeling that they don’t have a home (1.95), not getting along well with their brother/sister (2.00), not getting along well with their mother/father (2.15), and also the feeling of anxious and lonely most of the time (2.10). This means that these problems do not exist to them as a child of an OFW. Table 4

Home and Family Relations
 | WM| Verbal Interpretation| Rank|
I feel that I don’t have a home.| 1.95| Disagree| 4|
I do not get along well with my brother/sister.| 2.00| Disagree| 3| I do not get along well with my father/mother.| 2.15| Disagree| 1| I am anxious and lonely most of the time.| 2.10| Disagree| 2| Total| | | |...
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