Effects of Group Remediation Program in Reading for Grade Iii Pupils

Topics: Teacher, Education, Reading comprehension Pages: 3 (806 words) Published: April 11, 2012

English is one of the most important subjects included in the education curriculum. It focuses on the four communication skills---listening, speaking, reading and writing which are necessary to enable a person to effectively communicate. Reading is one of the fundamentals in education; it is the ability of an individual to recognize and enunciate properly the letters in every word with comprehension.

Intelligent readers are not born; they are taught. Consequently, pre-reading stage of learning must be set well in order to provide the necessary and proper background for the successful start in actual reading activities. If the learner fails at the initial stage, he will experience adversity and failure in reading as he goes through the grades. Mastery of the simple reading skills is required before tackling higher level reading skills so as to ensure smooth and efficient interpretation of the symbols. In some cases, learners are unable to comprehend the passage because they need additional background knowledge or vocabulary, but many learners struggle with comprehension because they have not yet developed a repertoire of strategies for monitoring and supporting their comprehension. Others view reading simply as a decoding process and do not actively consider comprehension. Some readers struggle with comprehension because they are unfamiliar with various types of text such as poems, narratives, or expository text or passage. (Curtis and Longo, 2007)

In education, Reading is the most challenging subject that a teacher faces and must let every pupil learn. Teaching an individual how to read is not an easy task; it follows a step-by-step process and a pupil must go through all these steps to successfully learn. In the Philippines, English is considered as the second language, thus having it included in its education curriculum. Aiming to have an uneducated-free Filipino nation, the Philippine government made different programs and builds...
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