Effects of Globalization on the Nigerian Culture: the African Per...

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Effects of Globalization on the Nigerian Culture: the African Perspective

By | December 2011
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Near East University


* Course/code: Trends in globalization

* Submitted to: Prof. Dr.Çelik Arouba

* Written by: Benedict , Okon Solomon

* Student Number: 20112501

* Department: Economics

* Date of submission: 16th, Dec2011

* Abstract
* Introduction
* The concept of globalization
* The concept of culture
* The impact of globalization on the Nigerian culture
* Suggestions and recommendations
* Conclusion
* References

The debate about globalization continues to rage with supporters and opponents adamant on the righteousness of their respective position. The growing economic interdependence is highly asymmetrical. An important feature of globalization is the interchange of ideas as symbolized by the internet. The concern involves the clash of cultures and the spread of materialistic values. The internet allows any person to access and wonder into the Hollywood library and no one is there to stop, control or direct you. This has enormous influence on how people think, act or behave. The values that this entertainment industry reflects often promote materialism, violence and immorality. Hence, this paper examines the concept of globalization and culture as well as the various aspects of Nigerian culture. It also examines the impact of globalization on culture. Effort is made on the ways Nigerian culture can be protected from extinction as a result of forces of globalization, which is currently exerting influence among Nigerian youths.

Technology has created the possibility and even the likelihood of global culture. The fax machine, satellite and cable T.V have swept away the national cultural boundaries. Duru-Ford, (2002), opines that global entertainment companies shape understanding and dreams of ordinaries citizens wherever they live. The local cultures are...

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