Effects of Globalization on Soccer

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The Impact of Globalization on Soccer
Thomas Joseph Puthenmadhom821-837-077Humber Business School I. Introduction
Innovation and continuous technological advancement has resulted in an increasing dissolution of the world’s boundaries, borders and distances. “Globalization is a process that encompasses the causes, course, and consequences of transnational and transcultural integration of human and non-human activities.” (Dr. Nayef R.F. Al-Rodhan, 2006) The economic ramifications of such a process are obvious. It leads to greater efficiency and mobility of resources. The perennial desire for expansion of scale has therefore resulted in Globalization becoming an inevitable process. The objective of this report is to discuss the impact of globalization on the sport of Soccer particularly. Soccer has gone from once being a recreational pastime to what is now a multi-billion dollar industry. “The European Football market alone grew to €16.9 billion in 2010/11.” (Deloitte, 2012) Soccer or Football, as it is known in the rest of the world, is the world’s most popular sport and is played by 209 countries around the world (FIFA). The most prestigious international soccer tournament is the FIFA World Cup that takes place once every four years. At the club level, there are several domestic and international leagues around the world, most prominent of which is England’s “Barclays Premier League”. II. Impacts of Globalization

Worldwide Popularity: Modern soccer as we know it today first originated in England in the early 19th Century. The game was solely a form of leisure back in those days, played only locally by young Englishmen. However, British Colonization in different parts of the world helped informally spread the game overseas (Goldblatt, 2007). Some of the established clubs were exclusive to the British communities only. Thus, local teams like RCD Espanyol emerged as challengers to the Anglo-dominated clubs like FC Barcelona, and also became part of the...
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