Effects of Gay Parenting on Children

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  • Published : November 28, 2011
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Group Paper:


In the 21st century, we are seeing more and more changes in the family structure in our society; single parenting, unmarried parents, and an even newer trend--gay parenting. If homosexuals become parents, what does this information mean to their children? Children learn through watching their parents, so it’s clear that the character of the parent will be reflected in some part on their child. This common knowledge is exactly what sparks the debate about effects of gay parenting on children. If children are being raised by parents without traditional gender roles, the children themselves will challenge the ideals of the stereotypical family. Research has proven that the sexual orientation of the parents does not determine the sexuality of the child. However, the question still remains whether the sexual orientation of the parents has a positive or negative affect on the child's perception of the family dynamic in regards to traditional gender roles. In November of 1979 Dr. Fredrick Koenig conducted a study where he asked 23 male homosexuals and 23 male heterosexuals to draw a picture of a family. Koenig hypothesized that, “Because socialization that is predominantly maternal may contribute to cross-sex identification and male homosexuals, compared to heterosexuals, would draw the mother figure larger than the father”(Koenig 316). This raises interesting questions in regards to the familial views of homosexuals. In Koenig’s study, his hypothesis was proven true. Koenig explains that, “Identification research has shown that the parent who is more important in the socialization of the child especially in such matters as gratification, rewards, and attention, is more frequently identified with”(Koenig 316). His fascinating experiment using a simple drawing proves that homosexuals do not succumb to the classical portrait of a traditional family. From his research Koenig realized, “that family structure and socialization may be important in...
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