Effects of Free Universal Secondary Education

Topics: Manufacturing, Assembly line, Interchangeable parts Pages: 3 (721 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Conceptual frame work (What do you think is going on?)

Theory of mass production and the USE theory of mass enrolment

Mass production is the name given to the method of producing goods in large quantities at low cost per unit. But mass production, although allowing lower prices, does not have to mean low-quality production. Instead, mass-produced goods are standardized by means of precision-manufactured, interchangeable parts. The mass production process itself is characterized by mechanization to achieve high volume, elaborate organization of materials flow through various stages of manufacturing, careful supervision of quality standards, and minute division of labour. To make it worthwhile, mass production requires mass consumption. Until relatively recent times the only large-scale demand for standardized, uniform products came from military organizations. The major experiments that eventually led to mass production were first performed under the aegis of the military.

The material basis for mass production was laid by the development of the machine-tool industry- With precision equipment, large numbers of identical parts could be produced at low cost and with a small work force.

The system of manufacture involving production of many identical parts and their assembly into finished products came to be called the American System.

*In USE the theory mass enrolment emphasises the recruitment of pupils from the Universal Primary Education level with little regard to the quality of their pass grades-though there is a ceiling at 28 aggregates; this leads to low quality students being enrolled into the USE who finally will come out with little appreciation of education and change.

In USE, the mass enrolled students will undergo instruction using a standardized curriculum by teachers whose main aim is to finish the syllabus because they have used it over and over making it a routine for them just like the case in mass production where the...
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