Effects of Fast Food in School

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  • Published : May 19, 2011
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Has anyone seen the obesity rates in children? It’s tripled for pre-schoolers (ages 2-5), quadrupled in elementary kids (ages 6-11), and more than tripled in middle through high school students. These statements are clearly telling us that School Boards don’t care or too cheap to afford healthy food in lunches. Diabetes, heart problems, and other diseases threaten the lives of many children and may not last as long as their parents have. Schools are helping those rates grow by allowing fatty foods to be served as an option in cafeterias. School hour do provide what is missed during the day and the listed consequences. Thanks to some founders, schools are basically right next door to fast food restaurants. Children who can’t get their own money for food and rely on chores often like to be treated, as payment, to ‘kid friendly’ places. In high school the most assessable lunch outside of the cafeteria are fast food chains not even a mile away. Getting something from the dollar menu is easier than going through lunch lines, and cheaper to afford. The half price plan in schools still leave kids starving because of economic times. Even though the parents make about 18k, that still leaves the bills to suck the rest away. This policy should be lowered for the sake of growling bellies. Health problems are steadily rising because the children’s fast food intake outside of school. Highly monitored diseases, such as diabetes, can be slowing children’s learning time by taking the child out of the classroom into the Nurse’s Office to get what needs to be done. Increasing unhealthy food intake will just make the stakes worsen. Heart problems could limit where the child is going for next class. Without doing much he/she is out of breath due to poor blood circulation. Asthma will be harder to control if the lungs are being pressured and again to the circulation being strained. Sleep apnea and psychological issues will take toll on grades and ways of thinking. If this were to...
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