Effects of Fast Food

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  • Published : March 20, 2012
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Explain the effects that fast food has had on families in your country or in North America.

In North America people are so busy, they do not have enough time to spend in the kitchen, and as a result they have to rely on other food, such as fast food. Fast food has had many negative effects on families in North America, but three stand out. The first negative effect of fast food on families in North America is that it is unhealthy or harmful. In North America people are getting disease day by day. Fast food gave birth to so many diseases such as diabetes, gaining weight to people of all ages including children. Children are more likely to eat fast food as compared to adults, as a result they will gave birth to harmful diseases at their young age. People should be aware of these diseases and they must do exercise to get away from these diseases. Another negative effect of fast food is that people may be addicted to fast food. Once anyone get addicted to anything, it becomes very hard to leave that thing. People may not control themselves or maybe they are not able to do so when they see fast food restaurants or when they walk by it. Some people get addicted to any particular name brand fast food restaurant, which may also be very harmful even if they sell health friendly products. Lastly the most significant effect of fast food on families is that it is expensive. Homemade food is cheaper than fast food but because of the lack of time for some families it is the significant reason why they eat fast food. They do not have any other option so they have to rely on fast food to survive. Even if they do not have any other option they should be extra careful about their health and pocket. Fast food restaurants charge much because they use latest technology and also they have lots of expenses. It is better to make food at home because it is cheap and healthy. In conclusion the most common negative effects of fast food on families in North America...
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