Effects of Fashion

Topics: Fashion, Sociology, Clothing Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Monica Lopez
March 12th 2013

In the article “The Impact of the Fashion Industry: You Can’t Have Fashion Without Victims,” Tronetti writes that, fashion is a social force that is underestimated and extremely effective .The concept of fashion was created by the upper class as a way to distinguish themselves from the lower classes, fashion has had a significant role in our culture and continues to do so today. The fashion Industry has impacted not only the clothes we wear and who we are on the outside, but also, who we are on the inside. Fashion can be found anywhere and everywhere and because of these many people is involved. Fashion was and still is a matter of popularity and taste and is constantly changing and evolving. From sociological point of view, fashion is about the “collective ways of making connections with others and, at the same time, making differences” (Kaiser). In conclusion, even today, the fashion industry continues to impact the society’s views on status, body image and finance.

I think this article is related to my research question because it talks about the psychological effects that fashion has on society I am planning to use paragraph number one as a topic sentence, because it talks about the significant role that fashion has in our culture. I will write general information about negative effects of fashion. For the body of the research paper I will use paragraph number three because it focuses in the history of fashion, how it was created by the upper class as a way to distinguish from the lower classes. This makes everyone know that you are poor or rich. Paragraph numbers four and five will be used to describe about how the body image is effected due to fashion, with clothing lines making clothes for thinner people, those who do not fit into this thinner clothing begin to wonder how big they really are. As a result, many women and men turn to eating disorders in hope to become the...
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