Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

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  • Published : November 5, 2011
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Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

Mary Pelham

English 1010-19
5 October 2011

Pelham i Outline
I. Effects on younger children
A. Feelings of deprivation
1. Needs attention
2. Needs personal care
B. Confusion
II. Effects on teens
A. Feels need to escape
B. Vulnerable to peer pressure
III. Long-term Effects
A. Alcoholism
B. Drug Addiction
C. Subservient Behavior

Pelham 1 Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

Domestic violence is defined as abusive behavior of one or both partners in a close

relationship, like marriage (Shipway 2). Many definitions of domestic violence also include parental abuse on children. Domestic abuse is known to affect the stability and well-being of children. The impact is extremely negative on children and on society in general. Other than the obvious negative effect on partners themselves, domestic violence creates a sense of deprivation in children because they need attention and care. When parents are busy fighting in the house, children cannot get the appropriate attention they need....
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