Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

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  • Published : October 18, 2010
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Domestic violence is not something new it is something very old and it is affecting how our kids grow into adults and how they develop mentally and emotionally and how our kids perceive a healthy relationship. Because these people had witnessed their loved ones being beat on and abused one would think that this would not be something that you would want for yourself and your future relationships, but this is not the case here or in hundreds more homes and family’s in the world today. That fact is that when you are exposed to domestic violence in the home while growing up and this is how you are taught relationships are because this is all you know is what your parent show you then this is what you will also grow up and repeat in your relationships. This is due to the development process, which happens in stages and this kind of unhealthy environment and atmosphere growing up is making parts of your growing process incomplete or handicapped and not equally balanced. So then the development process is what would be called our maturity level our cognitive skills and our emotional growth. So then we end up seeking the same kind of relationships and abuse our mate or our friends or lover. This is a very serious issue and like other mothers and fathers I don’t want my children to grow up in this kind of home and I don’t want them to grow up and become murderer’s or spend their life hating the world because they don’t know how to express love . u look at it our children our versions of us who have our traits and ways about them that come from us as their parents so when he says I am ugly he is saying my son is ugly in a sense of a way. With this I end my story with the truth about me.

Domestic violence does affect our children’s development in to adults and I have proven this with facts based on experience’s from my own life and generations of family violence and what the outcome for our kids today. So please consider the facts and not the...
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