Effects of Divorce on Adolescents

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Effects of Divorce on Adolescents
Zachary Priddy
Liberty University

Divorce is a serious matter and should be examined as to what effect it is having on adolescents which is untimely affects the future of marriage. With the growing divorce rate in the United States the effects of divorce must be looked. The effects divorce has on adolescents must be looked at to see how it a divorce today will affect attitudes and relationships in future generations. When divorce has unresolved issues it can have a greater lasting effect on adolescents. Divorce acts much like a death of a loved one in the sense of the emotional response to the situation. With the grief process initiated because of a death there is some closure and relief in knowing that it was death that separated the family unit. With divorce the process of grieving can continue for some time depending the circumstances of the divorce and situation with custody. In some instances the grief is never dealt with and is reopened during visitations and then being stripped again from the parent to return to the custody holder.

Effects of Divorce on Adolescence
This study of divorce is greatly influenced by the effects that have been seen throughout several families. This study will cover the effects that they have experienced and be compared to what national data is available to reference the comparison that is seen. Family A will be a single income family that is in the process of divorce and family B will be a Family that has a dual income. This study will show comparisons in the initial stages of divorce, the financial impact and causes of divorce, and the lasting effects of the divorce. The comparison of families to national data will allow for a more precise conclusion. Currently in America the divorce rate reaches nearly 50%. With a rate where nearly one in every two couples divorces the effects that it is having on our children and adolescents. According to Clinton, Hart, & Ohlschlager, (2005) studies show 35% of people who marry get a divorce, and 18% of those divorced are divorced multiple times. Rates of divorce are nearly equal in Christian homes across America and are just as susceptible to divorce as current rates outside of the church (Clinton, et. Al, 2005). With the rates of divorce climbing, the effects that it is placing on current and future generations should be considered. According to Spratling (2009) “It is estimated that 40% of all marriages have ended in divorce as of 2008” (pg. 9a). Over time the rate has increased significantly. Spratling’s report is showing that nearly half of those married are ending in divorce. It was predicted by Lewis and Sammons (2001) that by 2010 more than half of school age children will have spent substantial time living in a single parent or stepfamily home. Two studies showing that divorce not only affects those who go through divorce financially, but also the country as a whole through the additional tax burden. Many people seek help through social service programs, looking to lighten the financial burden of the loss of income or to reduce the impact of the increased financial burden due to attorney and court fees. A study showed the increased financial burden caused by divorce. Schramm (2006) found that $33.3 billion annually is passed on to individual, communities, and state and federal governments through divorce. The issue with finances must be considered when looking into divorce. In home where it is a predominantly a single income the effect of a divorce is major and the effects with dual income is equally intense. Taking two American families into consideration one which is a single income and one a dual income the effects of finances could be seen both creating devastation financially for each family. Introduction of Families

Family A has been a traditional family in the sense that the father was the main income earner with the mother being a stay at...
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