Effects of Computer to Students

Topics: Internet, Computer program, Computer software Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: February 5, 2011
Learning plays a big role in our society. Resources contribute to it. Before, there are many ways in order for us to gather information regarding a specified topic but time hinders in attaining the standard requirements for every research/tasks. When researching, we can gather information from other people, places, books, personal experiences, etc. There are a lot of ways in gathering information. But that takes too much time because some would still prefer getting their desired data's in person. To make this more clearer, some people would travel from places to another places just for them to gather information. They would prefer having to experience/see personally the things which may be of great help for their study. The resources are very limited. When computer was introduced, some was a little bit confused of its advantages. But when they learned about the proper way of using the computer, many or even majority of people are now using it. Computers are a little bit expensive but a very reliable search engine especially with the help of the internet. Imagine, if we still in the old ways, there is no computer. Just for us to send information to other places, we will still need to wait for several days before it reached its destination. Now, we have mobile phones, search engines, social media's, information system and many more... All of these are a product of using the computers. Of course, we can still live without it but we really need computers but I don't think there would be one who would say that he/she doesn't need the computer. In teaching, using the computer is a big help. There are many application programs that were being released. The most common one is the Microsoft office application program. This program creates an easier interaction between the students and the teacher. Internet guides the students in their research/assignments for easier purpose. No need for them to go to the library and manually search for the...
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