Effects of Computer Education in Academic Performance of the Students

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  • Published : March 12, 2012
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Chapter 1
Nature and Background of the Study
Cellphone is a modern device and a powerful tool for communication. As what we know, almost every Filipino owns a cellphone. This is because cellular phones are very handy and convenient to use and greatly help in linking people from in and outside of the country. Certainly, the main function of cellular phones is to help communicate effectively through calls and texts. In effect, a lot of telecommunication networks aroused and is continuing to develop and enhance their services for the people to patronize. “Abot natin ang mundo”, at least that’s what the Globe telecom says. Globe telecom is one of the widely known telecommunication networks that tend to deliver enhancement of people’s communication mediums. Along with Globe Company are Sun Cellular, Smart, Touch Mobile and Red mobile companies. As the world revolves around, trends are also flowing at a fast rate. Who wants to be left out in this trend setting generation? Demands for cellular phones increase, so as modernization of cellular phones are highly dependent to the development of new technologies. That is how fascinating and influential cellular phones are.

But now, one of the factors that affect the level of academic performance of the students is using cellular phones. Students could not focus very well on their lessons during class discussion due to they are very busy texting or even chatting with their friends or textmates. They do not listen attentively to what their teacher says in front that’s why they get low or sometimes failing grades in their subjects. And also, they cannot answer the teacher’s question confidently because of the interruption that there is a text message coming from their cellular phones. On the other hand, they give importance on their cellular phones rather than giving or paying attention on their lessons. This is what the researcher seen and observed in this real scenario that’s why he comes up with this study.

Technology has had such an influential impact on the way we function in our personal and professional lives whether it be e-mailing, faxing, or getting lost in our own little world with our ipod. Though we have had many technological advances over the years, there is one that I feel stands out above the rest and that is the cell phone. This one device has improved our lives in so many ways like being able to communicate with people at anytime, checking e-mails, and texting. It has also negatively impacted our lives in that it has been proven to increase the chances of getting cancer, some people feel lost without their cell phones and can not pay attention when using them which could and has ultimately caused death. Everywhere you go, you can see people on their cellphones. It has become a way of life.

Statement of the Problem
The research study merely focused on the effects of cellphone on the Academic Performance of Freshmen High School Students of Mindoro State College of Agriculture and Technology- main campus. Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions:

1. Is there a relationship between cellphone and the academic performance of the students? 2. Is there a relationship between the students’ academic performance and the length of time of using cellphone? 3. Is there a relationship between the students’ academic performance and the length of time for studying? 4. Is students’ academic performance interrupted by having cellphone in doing their homework?

Significance of the Topic
The significance of this study is to determine the factors that affect the level of performance of the students who are cellphone users. The information generated from this study may guide all the students who always get low grades in their every subject matter. The researcher will guide and help them to realize the importance of education on their lives that they should first prioritize their studies than using cellphones.

Having cell...
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