Effects of Computer

Topics: Internet, Adolescence, Personal computer Pages: 45 (5540 words) Published: March 3, 2011

A Thesis Presented to
The Faculty of High School Department
St. Martin Montessori School

In Partial Fulfilment
Of the Requirement in English Subject

Abigail P. Alhambra
Reina J. de Leon
Camille C. Galang
Katrine M. de Guzman
Angelie S. Lipian
Anna Jean M. Mercado
Alyssa M. Alegre
Troy N. delos Reyes
Kenneth D. Mascarinas
Jeffrey A. Goco
Alexis S. Yap

March, 2011

This thesis entitled THE EFFECTS OF COMPUTER TO THE HEALTH OF THE TEENAGERS IN SECOND YEAR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS OF ST. MARTIN MONTESSORI SCHOOL prepared and submitted to High School Department by Abigail P. Alhambra, Reina J. de Leon, Camille C, Galang, Katrine M. de Guzman, Angelie S. Lipian, Anna Jean M. Mercado, Alyssa M. Alegre, Troy delos Reyes, Kenneth Mascarinas, Jeffrey Goco, and Alexis S. Yap, is hereby accepted in partial fulfilment of the requirements in English subject with the grade of ______________.


Rose Anne Villanueva (Adviser)


While writing this thesis the help of several persons have been of great inspiration and invaluable help.

First, we would like to thank our Ms. Rose Anne Villanueva, our Phycics teacher who helps us how to conduct this thesis. Mr. Romeo Ojeda, our Statistician, our classmates and friends who have helped us in times when linguistic battles have occupied our mind. The positive support and encouragement from our parents without their help this work would not have been possible. I would also like to thank those who agreed to be interviewed, for, without your time and cooperation, this project would not have been possible.

We would also like to express our gratitude to our great and gorgeous Teacher, Mrs. Judith de Leon for providing useful insights, and for leading us into alternative routes of discussion.

To the Almighty God, Jesus Christ for the strength and health, He gave to us and to people around us who in one way or another have made this research project a reality, I thank Him most.

To each of the above, we extend our deepest appreciation.


We dedicate this thesis to the Almighty God, Jesus Christ. To our family, for the understanding and encouragement they provide during all these years of study and who offered us unconditional love and support throughout the course of this thesis.

A computer is a programmable machine designed to read and execute sequentially a list of instructions that make it perform arithmetical and logical operations on binary numbers. Conventionally a computer consists of some form of short or long term memory for data storage and a central processing unit, which functions as a control unit and contains the arithmetic logic unit. Peripherals (for example keyboard, mouse or graphics card) can be connected to allow a computer to receive outside input and display output.

A computer processing unit executes series of instructions that make it read, manipulate and then store data. Test and jump instructions allow to move within the program space and therefore to execute different instructions as a function of the current state of the machine or its environment.

The computer can also respond to interrupts that make it execute specific sets of instructions and then return and continue what it was doing before the interruption. The first electronic computers were developed in the mid-20th century (1940–1945). Originally, they were the size of a large room, consuming as much power as several hundred modern personal...
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