Effects of Child Abduction

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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The problem of child abduction will give effect to victims such as effect on their psychological, their physical will be affected and their academic performance will be poor. Body
A One of the consequences on victims of child abduction is on their psychological.

* Can lead the victim to anti-social behavior.
* They are afraid to socialize with anyone because they feel that kidnappers will catch them back. * The victims may afraid to very people such as police, teachers, doctors who could help them. * They also cannot access to proper educational, medical, social services and support. * They always lock themselves at home.

* They prefer to be alone rather than socializing with their friends. * According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway (2008), when the victims grow up, they are more likely to develop antisocial traits. * Their daily work will be affected.

* They do not do their works as usual.
* The victims will suffer severe emotional trauma and shock. * The victims will be traumatized because the bad experience still haunt their minds. * They always think that they are not safe and in fear. * Their relatives always keep asking to know about the victim’ cases. * Depression will happen to the victims

* They will lost appetite, cannot sleep at night, and always dreamy and distant with others. * Spila, Makara, Kozak and Urbanska (2008) founds that the victims of child abuse will faced to the likelihood of depression, anxiety disorders, addictions, personality disorders, eating disorder and suicidal behavior.

* Another consequence is their physical will be affected.

* The kidnappers torturing them with heavy punishment. * The punishments can lead to serious injury inflicting on the victim. * There are severe physical punishment that...
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