Effects of Change in Community Behavior

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  • Published : June 30, 2011
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How can community affect human behavior? Is it possible for people to act differently when people change their community? Community plays a very vital role in human behavior. People change their behavior according to their environment. People change their community in search of good job, opportunities, good education and for better future. It takes time for people to adjust to their new society. Changing the community might have both positive and negative effect on a person’s behavior. There are different communities in different country. People change their community for a better job and better future. They leave their country because their country did not have good opportunities. When people change their country they enter in a completely new environment filled with new people and new things to discover. Their behavior might change easily. It can affect their self-esteem and their confident. People can act differently in a new environment. Meeting new people and visiting new places might affect people mentality. They might change into a completely new person. Coming to America changed my life completely. The new environment around changed me completely. I came to America for a better future. My parents lived in America so I had to move to America. My self-esteem changed a lot. The new environment made me more nervous and less confident. It took a lot of time for me to adjust with the new surroundings. I was very scared of the people I met; I could barely talk to them but, after living here for four years my life changed completely. I am more confident. My self esteem is very strong. My senses of fashion also change a lot. Nowadays I dress up completely different and I have a new look. People change their community for a better future. “When I was fifteen, she used to have me call people on phone to pretend I was she.” (Tan Amy 398) this show how it takes time for people to adjust to the new environment. People might act differently in a new environment their...
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