Effects of Cartoons on Young Children

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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What are the effects of cartoons on children between ages 0-12? Generally, cartoons are accepted as a controversial issue. However, immediately after the emergence of this issue, many studies have been done about whether cartoon is a positive guidance for children or not and what the positive and negative effects of cartoons are. Unsurprisingly, there is a disagreement between the supporters of cartoon and the opponents of cartoon. Many studies focus on the effects of cartoons mainly, and the most of the studies signifying positive effects of cartoons on child development can be regarded as negative effects of it by other studies. The studies about the positive effects of cartoons can be categorized into personality and self development. The first category is personality development. Imagination, creativity, and characteristic features such as selfish, jealous are related to personality development. To begin with imagination, Ak (2010) claims that cartoons provide development of imagination and creativity. When children watch cartoon they make themselves as a part of cartoon and develop their imagination. Therefore, cartoons provide learning something while children make observing different worlds. Moreover, according to Olcay (n.d) a child who replace with cartoon character try to understand the viewpoint of cartoon character. A child who replace with superhero should discover how character looks, speaks, feels, behaves and thinks. By doing this replace, it provides not only develops mental process but also develops the feel of empathize. Furthermore, personality development includes behaviours such as sharing same environment or behaving helpful. According to Ünlü (2009), there are some cartoons which provide to improve the feature of helpfulness and thinking sympathetically. Cartoons help children not to behave selfish. For example, In Finland, a child, who is Mike Jahnen and 6 years old, saw another child who was smothering in river. Then Mike saved his...
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