Effects of Cartoons on Children’s Psychology & Behaviour Patterns

Topics: Psychology Pages: 3 (1002 words) Published: December 26, 2012
Effects of cartoons on children’s psychology & behaviour patterns  

Cartoons are the most frequent and easily accessible source of entertainment which we provide to our children. With the vastness of media and extension of channels, it has become easier for children to watch their favourite cartoons on a single click and at the same time it has become more convenient for parents to provide children with this all-time favourite activity of theirs. Time which was previously spent by children in outdoor activities is now replaced, as now they can be found glued to the TV sets for long hours, peering at all sorts of cartoons, mostly without the supervision of elders who are completely unaware that this might have certain effects on their psychological development later on displayed in their behaviour patterns.  

There is a wide range of cartoons from fairy tales like ‘Beauty and the Beast’ to action-based cartoons like ‘Ben Ten’ and ‘Pokémon’. Children between the ages of 6-8 have different preferences; girls are usually into fairy tales and animated ‘Barbie’ series whereas boys and some girls even usually have their favourite super hero cartoons like ‘Spiderman’ or ‘Batman’ or action flicks like ‘Bay Blade’ or ‘Dragon Ball-z’. Children are at a stage when their minds are developing and forms impressions easily so parents need to be careful what they expose them with.  

At such an early stage children consider the things they watch in cartoons to be real, they are unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality and often believe that if Elmer Fudd remains unharmed even after being bashed by Bugs Bunny with a hammer a number of times so can they. Mukarram, 8, studying in class 2 received a warning from his school after he got caught for beating up a fellow student. When asked for explanation the child replied innocently, “I was just showing my friend one of the moves I saw in a cartoon the night before.” His family members admitted the fact that they...
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