Effects of Capitalism in Business

Topics: Capitalism, Socialism, Marxism Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Capitalism, in Order to be Successful, Must Exploit Employees

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Good question. The correct choice depends on who is answering the question. When it comes to identifying whether the exploiting employees is necessary in capitalism; In my opinion, the right answer is depended upon who is answer the question. I do not believe that it is acceptable to abusively exploit or misuse employees. However, I also understand that in order to make a profit and gain market presence, business owners should fully utilize their employees.

A general search of the word capitalist returned with the one common theme from several different viewpoints. The term capitalist, like an investor, was continuously described as a financier of resources into a business or venture. They are considered to possess a significant amount of vested monetary interest into an enterprise in efforts to receive a profitable return. The partnership appears sound and a fair exchange for both business owners and employees alike. However, it is unfortunate when capitalists take the road of abusive exploitation in managing its employees just to gain a profit or market share. This particular stance of capitalism is very similar to philosophy portrayed by Karl Marx.

In an article by David Prychitko, the author described Karl Marx’s interpretations of capitalism as one of the most debated views in history. “More than a century after his death, Karl Marx remains one of the most controversial figures in the Western world. His relentless criticism of capitalism and his corresponding promise of an inevitable, harmonious socialist future inspired a revolution of global proportions.” Before its ultimate demise at the end of the twentieth century, the Marxism ideology had a heavy foothold through Eastern Europe. (Prychitko, 2008) The way to increase market share, or gain a larger monopoly of a particular, management should established set parameters of expenses,...
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