Effects of Breast Cancer

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  • Published : February 27, 2011
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The Presumed Effects of Breast Cancer

Cancer is considered to be one of the top five chronic illnesses that effect the north american population. For women especially breast cancer is of concern. Early symptoms of breast are usually found by women who feel a difference in their breast. Usually characterized by a lump on the breast that feels different than the rest of the tissues, and is some times is accompanied by inverted nipples, and/or difference in the texture of the skin. The best early detection of breast cancer comes from testing through a procedure called a mammogram. Because breast cancer has a highly genetic probability, it is recommended that those individuals considered to be ‘high risk’ get routine mammograms in order to achieve the best prognosis for this disease. Depending on the time of diagnosis the prognosis for breast cancer can vary drastically. The Prognosis for breast cancer is much better in cases that are detected in the early stages, and especially if the breast is removed (Veronesi et al. 1985). Again, depending on the stage of the cancer that has been detected, there would be varying feelings about living with the disease. If it were something that was detected early and removed, I would probably have a constant worry about it returning and having a much harsher out come on my life. If my breast removed I’m sure I would feel like less of a woman, and be very upset with my physical appearance. I would likely

resort to options like reconstructive surgery in order to be more satisfied with my physical appearance. If the cancer was in a stage where I would need to under go chemotherapy, this would probably have the biggest change on my life. I would have to undergo constant treatment which would change my routine, and probably cause me to feel very ill and weak, and prevent me from enjoying life as a I know it now. I would be less energetic and unable to partake in a lot of the activities that I do now, like school, work, and...
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